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Your Financial Freedom Blog established in 2019 is your one stop guide to achieving financial independence

Let’s face it. There is a wealth of information out on the internet on this topic (pun intended). What I hope to deliver to you are a series of blog posts that focus on one of three categories.

  1. Earning Money
  2. Saving Money
  3. Investing Money

If you boil it all down those three categories is how you achieve financial independence. If you are lacking in any one of those three categories then you will be working for the rest of your life.

In my blog posts you will see references to the 8 Steps Towards Financial Freedom. If you are landing on this page early in its development you may not see much content but I promise you to you I will have section dedicated towards these very important steps.

Think of it this way. The 8 Steps Towards Financial Freedom will be the big picture. When you need the reminder of what you are looking towards then read up on this topic. The three blog categories of earning, saving and investing should help you with your random questions are more details on a specific topic.

Here are the 8 Steps Towards Financial Freedom

  1. Creating and Sticking To A Budget
  2. Save 1K for Emergencies
  3. Live off of Last Months Salary
  4. Pay off High Interest Loans, Credit Cards, Student Loans
  5. Pay of Auto Loans
  6. Save for College
  7. Pay off Mortgage
  8. Save 60% of Income

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